EX:IN Konzert

Freitag, 27. Mai 2022

What a line-up indeed! We've been waiting two years for this. The Indonesian avant-garde punk duo Senyawa is finally able to come to Chemnitz. In the meantime, we as IN:EX have participated in their decentralized project ALKISAH and they have released yet another album. You can expect a breathtaking live performance made of advanced singing techniques and self-made instruments out of bamboo and traditional agricultural tools. Another almost exclusive experience is the newly launched collaboration between Daniele de Santis and Dudu Kuoate, who, after a joint residency in Milan, will fuse their arts into an amalgam of electro-acoustic sound syntheses and the special amplification of Kuoaté's Afrojazz to traditional instruments from Africa employing microphones specially built by De Santis for his "Prepared Drums" set. Finally, we leave the stage for the DJ and artist of the action group Fun-Da-Mental, Dave Watts (D'WattsRiot). His explosive DJ sets behind the mixing desk energize with infectious ritual incantations, bass-heavy electronica, and traditional music from the talking blues in the jungle of a dancehall. We will also have a special warm-up DJ set by the one and only local pusher 4 experimental sounds DJ Felde. So gear up folks and don't miss this one-night-only special event.